Physician Burnout is Not New

There is an emerging recognition that the Covid-19 pandemic was “gasoline” on the existing “fire” of professional burnout in both frontline and supporting health caregivers, including first responders. The need for the skills to both heal burnout and build resilience...

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Brief Resiliency Coaching

When the first surge of the pandemic hit, one of our hospital clients asked if we could offer resilience coaching for their Covid-19 Incident Command team members. Here was the catch: it needed to be brief, because their budget, in the face of the many unknowns of the...

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My Story: David Paul, MD, PhD

How did I get involved in working with burnout? I got involved in working with burnout because at one time it was a very personal issue for me. My first experience with the emotional trauma physicians routinely witness occurred on the first night of my first clinical...

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