When the first surge of the pandemic hit, one of our hospital clients asked if we could offer resilience coaching for their Covid-19 Incident Command team members. Here was the catch: it needed to be brief, because their budget, in the face of the many unknowns of the pandemic, was being carefully watched. We said yes, not knowing if a few sessions could really make a difference for these individuals who were stretched to their limit.

Here are some of the challenges our clients were experiencing:

  • Panic running high, triggered by patients’ emotions.
  • Worried about making the wrong decision.
  • Super-irritable especially with family, cortisol levels thru the roof.
  • Not sleeping, not eating right, over-caffeinate, drinking a lot at night, no exercise.
  • Home is very chaotic. Giving 100% at work, and then feels like there’s left nothing to give at home. Spouse is also essential worker, so keeping family afloat is a challenge.
  • Took the weekend off, but didn’t really help.

Sound familiar? By the end of three sessions, here are some of the shifts our clients reported:

“I can’t believe how much better I feel! It’s like a gift to deal with life and get through it and realize that you’re not losing your mind.”

Not as irritated by spouse. Spouse said, “You are like a new person this week! I don’t know what your coach told you, but it really made a difference.”

“I feel optimistic!”