“I don’t have to tell you that I am seeing rapid and unprecedented levels of burnout and sometimes frankly this despair among my colleague physicians. I have been incredibly impressed by the coaching and training I’ve undergone with Dr. David Paul. I entered with some trepidation and skepticism. Frankly I’ve had coaching and training before and always felt it was a little bit too mechanical and wasn’t getting to the root of things. And with an issue like burnout and issues of emotional intelligence you really can’t skim the surface of things and expect dramatic changes. What pleasantly surprised me, is we really did dive deep, both in one-on-one coaching with Dr. David Paul, but also when working with my physician leader group. We’ve also really gotten very proficient at skills that aren’t taught in medical training. I have seen a rejuvenation of spirit among my physician leadership and my physicians in general as we spread these practices. I thoroughly recommend this approach and think it’s one of the unique opportunities available in American medicine to dive deeper to really expose what’s at the core of both our flourishing and what can get in the way of our flourishing.”

Physician, Chief Medical Officer for 450 bed hospital, Medical Director of Employed Physicians

“You may not know when or why you will need a coach, but I promise you Bonnie will help you figure out yourself, guide you into your future and help with literally anything you may be going though currently. We all have challenges we face, and sometimes it’s something you can’t talk to a peer about, your manager about, or even your spouse about. She is that person that you can go to and will listen and really help you figure out how you yourself can solve it. She doesn’t tell you what to do, she helps you talk though what options or possibilities you have. She will give you the confidence that you can do it.”
Michele Ababseh

Department Administrator, Kaiser Permanente

“I had been working in Covid-19 Incident Command, as the Safety Officer, for over two months when I was offered a meeting with Bonnie. I wasn’t sure what to expect and the question I asked myself was, ‘Why would I need a resiliency coach?’ I felt ok, I was able to complete my duties assigned in Incident Command, and my family was fine, ‘I don’t need a resiliency coach.’ After I met with Bonnie, I felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders which I had no idea I had been carrying around for two months. Bonnie taught me skills, provided me with tools, and enabled me to improve my mental and physical well-being. I started sleeping through the night for the first time in two months. I was excited to go to work every day and I was more productive. Most importantly, I was able to be present for my family. I highly recommend her to all of my colleagues!”

Crystal Skinner

MSN, RN-BC, CHOP, HACP, Hospital System Manager of Quality Management & Accreditation

“I can’t believe how much better I feel! It’s like a gift to deal with life and get through it and realize that you’re not losing your mind.”
Quality Manager

Hospital System Incident Command Team Member during Covid-19

“I feel more centered, purposeful and confident in my leadership. Learning about how I ‘show up’ and the impact that has on me and others was enlightening. My awareness and growth is applicable to both my personal and professional life. Leading a healthcare organization during a pandemic is stressful but I am more resilient as a result of this work. I have been able to approach this challenge with a more centered, focused, vulnerable and grateful mindset. Bonnie is highly effective in her work. Not only is she delightful to work with, she is masterful at how she guides you through your own learning and discovery, resulting in very practical and actionable outcomes that really improve your leadership skills and perhaps more importantly your perspective. Do it! You will learn and become a better leader and likely happier in your profession”
Darci Bentson

J.D., M.B.A., Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, Bozeman Health Hospital System

“I found it a true pleasure working with Bonnie Paul. Working with her I gained a deeper understanding of leadership, through the system of Transformational Leadership Principles, which are based in the science of the human mind. Our work together cemented an even higher level of confidence in myself to embrace emotional intelligence, in order to grow my team’s abilities to achieve. Learning that my leadership instincts are based in science is what I found most enlightening and valuable. Knowing with confidence that my emotions, and my teams’ emotions are not mysteries, but based in human instincts, and that they can be clearly understood through study, was powerful to learn. Our time working together made it even more evident to me that only through complete understanding of theses instincts, can a leader truly become highly effective”

Michael Hassel

Optical Lab Manager, Kaiser Permanente

“I have updated my management skill set and feel more confident engaging team members when providing feedback and improved my interpersonal skills. I have learned not to get triggered as often and to recognize when getting triggered. Each person should have a lifetime of coaching.”
Ovais Vaid

Director of Technology, Kaiser Permanente

“These are the fundamental competencies needed for our leaders.”
Hospital System Administrator

“An environment where everyone has mastered these skills would make our facility unstoppable!! ☺”
Hospital Resiliency Workshop Participant

“The challenge to appreciate & care for oneself is generally low priority. This will change for me as a result of your training.”

Hospital Resiliency Workshop Participant

“The skills learned can/will help me in all aspects of life. Thank you!”
Hospital Resiliency Workshop Participant

“I was surprised how much I enjoyed myself. Good job!”
Hospital Resiliency Workshop Participant

“Thank you! You guys were great – I learned new HELPFUL info that I can expand upon and use for a lifetime.”
Hospital Resiliency Workshop Participant

“I think it is especially important for leadership because it is full of great tools to help our staff. By using it I feel staff will feel more empowered and heard and stay with our organization!”
Hospital Resiliency Workshop Participant

“More fellow physicians presence would allow camaraderie to develop. And sharing of different experiences (leadership vs. clinical) would break down silos.”
Physician Peer Learning Participant

“Great opportunity to be of support to my colleagues – and while being supervised so I can improve in that!”
Physician Peer Learning Participant

Note: Some of our clients prefer their identity to remain anonymous, and we respect that.