Put the focus where you have control: inside of YOU. Coaching is an investment in lifelong health and well-being regardless of your career choices.

We take a “walk your talk” approach, which means that we teach skills and approaches that we have tried and have been successful in helping thousands of people, including ourselves. We work in partnership with our clients to craft a journey that is uniquely yours and addresses your deepest challenges and most heartfelt dreams. Clients are often surprised at how quickly they feel better!

In the words of one of our physician-leader clients:

“A lot of providers are lonely. They feel dispirited by the increasing changes in the medical environment around them. The pressure of increasing transparency and publicly of their care has led them to feel like they have less control over their day-to-day lives. At the base of it physicians really want to do the right thing. They have a genuine love for their patients and for each other, but often these feelings are obscured by emotions that haven’t been dealt with properly due to a lot of trauma that has been suffered over time. Most of us who been through medical training know what I mean when I talk about some of the rigors and the after effects of the training that we go through. Learning how to address these issues is like watching the clouds move away from the sun so that the underlying radiance is allowed to shine forth. It provides a renewed engagement and joy in work and life that comes from both the head and the heart. The heart is the key to renewal, leading to connection and the feeling of solidarity with others.”

We assist individuals from all walks of life, including doctors, healthcare professionals, first responders and leaders heal from burnout by creating an individualized educational experience, teaching and practicing practical skills that:

  • Weren’t taught in medical education/school
  • Have been used successfully by thousands of individuals
  • Recapture & increase empathy and compassion for self and others
  • Develop and maintain very strong psychological resilience
  • Improve all relationships – professional and personal
  • Provides the “how-to” become the physician who has healed themselves
  • Reconnect with joy, gratitude, purpose and fulfillment
  • Leave work at work, enjoy life more fully
  • Become a highly effective leader

Individuals from variety of backgrounds choose to invest in their careers and personal lives with us

    Brief Resilience Coaching

    In the current world climate of Covid-19, the ability to adapt and be flexible, rather than breaking apart is needed more than ever, particularly for those who are “in the trenches” as essential workers caring for others. How do you care for yourself, when your job is to care for others? Brief resiliency coaching offers strategies and tools that provide quick relief – in 3-6 sessions.

    “I was ready to quit my job. What I learned was a game-changer. Now I feel like a new woman!”

    – Compliance Officer, Hospital System Incident Command Team Member during Covid-19

    Executive/Resilience Coaching for Healthcare/Professionals

    Serving: Physicians, Nurses, Advanced Practitioners, other members of Care Teams and individuals in high-stress life situations

    Using an experiential learning approach, clients learn concepts and apply them to real-life challenges. Integration of the skills is learned by most people in approximately 18 hours of education, delivered over several months. All that’s needed is normal mental function and an open mind. Lasting change is realized through developing a maintenance program – a Resilience Fitness Program – to reinforce gains.

    Recapture the empathy, compassion and caring that called you into medicine in the first place.

    “I would say to a colleague that working with Bonnie has changed my life and how I view myself and those around me. Working with Bonnie is something that I wish I could have done in my earlier adult life. The freedom is like lifting a heavy weight off my life, which will make me a better leader.”

    – Heather Holmquist, Registered Nurse/Hospital System Manager of Patient Safety
    Hospital Incident Command Team Member during Covid-19

    Leadership Coaching: Creating Resilient Leaders

    The leaders we work with discover strategic and intuitive abilities they didn’t know they had. Our work brings their inner Resilient Leader to life in dynamic, enjoyable ways. They learn to be effective in the chaos of these uncertain, tumultuous times. They learn strategies for how to care for themselves first, which can be so challenging when your job is to take care of others. They also learn skills for remaining centered and clear-headed, even when people around them are “freaking out.” They learn strategies and tools for helping direct reports bloom and become more successful— nurturing cultures that encourage people to love their work and be their best selves.

    “Leading a healthcare organization during a pandemic is stressful but I am more resilient as a result of this work. I have been able to approach this challenge with a more centered, focused, vulnerable and grateful mindset. Bonnie is not only delightful to work with, she is masterful at how she guides you through your own learning and discovery, resulting in very practical and actionable outcomes that really improve your leadership skills and perhaps more importantly your perspective. Do it!”

    – Darci Bentson

    J.D., M.B.A., Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, Bozeman Health Hospital System

    First Responder Resilience Coaching

    Serving: Police, Fire, EMS, Corrections

    The police officers, sheriff’s officers and first responders we’ve had the privilege of working with are extremely dedicated, competent professionals. They routinely put their lives on the line in what are often extremely challenging circumstances. It’s no surprise that burnout is rampant in these fields.

    Our leading-edge resilience coaching incorporates recent advances in neuroscience which have not yet been incorporated into traditional training. In our experience peace officers and first responders are excellent at skill acquisition, and our unique resilience skill set is easily learned and quickly integrated.

    “These are the resilience skills no one teaches you!”

    – Chief of Police

    Spouse/Partner Coaching

    Many spouses/partners of our coaching clients want to learn the skills for themselves after witnessing the transformation in their loved one.

    “You are like a new person this week! I don’t know what your coach told you, but it really made a difference.”

    – Spouse of Incident Command Team Member during Covid-19