Caring for physicians and providers is critical, but it’s not enough. Emotions are contagious and so is burnout. The health and resilience of the entire Care Team must be addressed. Building a culture that supports resilience is essential for a high performing healthcare organization of any size.

We offer executive coaching, training & leadership development for hospitals, clinical teams, and organizations seeking to invest in their people and create a culture of caring, resilient leaders and employees.

What happens when teams come together and apply these skills?

More satisfying, productive relationships, hallmarked by reduction in conflict and drama, and an increase in respect, efficiency, peace and harmony. When this skill set is taught in a team or organization it frees smart people to come together to solve important challenges in truly effective, synergistic ways.

Offerings for Hospitals, Organizations, Clinics, Independent Practices

    Executive/Resilience Coaching

    Serving: Physicians, Nurses, Healthcare Leaders and Professionals, First Responders

    There is ample evidence that personalized coaching focused on application of the skills covered in the trainings results in lasting changes and incorporation of the skills both at work and at home.

    All coaching sessions are completely confidential, which provides the advantage of allowing Leaders to speak freely about issues and challenges which facilitates faster skill adoption. Executive/Resilience Coaching is also tailored to each individual, which allows differences in specialty areas and professional experience to be addressed with complete confidentiality.

    The client and coach work together to determine how to best use the skills covered in the training, and the client has the experience of applying the skills to their unique circumstances and experiencing directly the benefit of utilizing the skills.

    • Leaders who score in the low-to-moderate range for burnout will receive four 60-minute private executive/resilience coaching sessions. These will be conducted in between the training courses, approximately one month apart.
    • Leaders with high burnout scores may require additional sessions (determined on a case-by-case basis).
    “It was completely life-changing for me professionally and personally. Something far more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced.”

    – Kallie Kujawa

    System Director of Quality and Safety/Covid-19 Incident Commander, Bozeman Health Hospital System

    Professional Training Workshops & Classes

    Training workshops and classes provide both didactic knowledge-based training, and dialogic engagement in the topics among class participants. Simultaneously, we teach/review effective communication skills we find most leaders have been trained in, but do not actualize. These communication skills in themselves build connection and facilitate enhanced teamwork, which is an added benefit of the group format. Participants are provided opportunities to practice these communication skills during the group discussions.

    These trainings cover the theory and practice of skills that address the root causes of burnout while simultaneously building resilience. Topics are presented in a way that is assessible to both physician leaders and administrators without medical training.

    “I appreciated that there were tangible ways to apply the ideas included in the content. I have been made to attend several talks of resilience. I always have left frustrated in that I’m supposed to take care of myself but the ‘how’ of it was left out – all I got was an empty ordeal. This was different. This was practical. This seems like change could be possible using these tools. Thank you!”

    – Hospital Resiliency Workshop Participant

    Topics include:

    • Neurophysiology of burnout overview (science behind our approach)
    • Pathogenesis of burnout: How do we “get” burned out?
    • How to manage the fight/flight/freeze stress response & tools to mitigate the “pressure cooker” of Covid-19
    • Growth mindset and its impact on emotions
    • Conflict prevention communication skills
    • Mirror neuron system and secondary trauma
    • Resolving emotional “triggers” including anger
    • Healing chronic PTSD
    • Self-compassion and kindness
    • Building resilience
    • Cascading skills to team members

    Trainings can be offered online or in person.

    Team Leadership Training and Coaching

    Forming -> Storming -> Norming -> Performing!

    We dive deep into facilitating harmony, efficiency and joy in teams. This specialty can assist in solving challenging team dynamics and provide a skill-based pathway to move from Storming, to Norming to truly joyful Performing.

    Team coaching and training can be offered online or in person. It is often blended with individual executive coaching for the greatest impact.

    “Just think how excellent the care on our teams would be if everybody had access to this quality of education and support.”

    Hospital System Nursing Leader

    Creating a Culture of Resilience

    Another way to describe a culture of resilience is a culture in which individuals are supported in taking care of themselves, so they can help take care of others. A culture of resilience is a natural consequence when a critical number of individuals learn and practice resilience skills, and use these skills to support themselves and their co-workers. This enables them to bring their best selves together to design and implement system processes that also enhance and support resilience. A culture of resilience is led from the top, so it takes a commitment from the CEO, the executive leadership, and must be supported by the Board of Directors. It’s a statement from the leadership to everyone in the organization that says, “You are important, we truly care about you, and we are here to support you in taking care of yourself, so you can help take care of others.” 

    “The impact of the skills around resilience on my peers is profound – very grateful for them.”
    – Physician